Tuesday, October 13, 2015

An afternoon with my babies!

I didn't have any work this afternoon so after running some errands, I went to the hogar. These afternoons are always the best! In my head I tell myself I'll really only see the kids on the weekends so any extra time during the week is just a bonus! 

 Tía Rosi and A.M. dancing after lunch... She's one of the best!

 Everybody with their babies!

These babies "helped" with homework... maybe in the sense that they stayed quiet!

 Look who got her first real bath today! She wasn't a fan... Also, funny story... I was carrying her around this afternoon and Tía Benita said "Tía Hannah, if you love her so much just make your own. I'll help you find a father." I'm glad I can always count on the tías!

I've been telling the tías for weeks that it's time for M. to get a haircut because he obviously takes after big brother Alexander in the hair department... Today was the day!

 It took 3 of them to get the job done!

Mamá B. combing her hijo's hair!

Mamá B. and her son after his first haircut... He looks so much more grown-up!

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