Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Bienvenido A.!

This morning we welcomed a new little (baby?) boy! He is a year old and came to us from the Nutrition Center where he was living for the past several months. Just from observation, he seems like he might have very recently turned one as he seems more like a baby than our other one year olds. He doesn't walk but it does look like he crawls or at least scoots around. I don't know that he can pull up yet but my guess is no. When I tried to get him to stand, he didn't want to bear any weight on his legs. He was asleep when he arrived and was scared when he woke up which might have been part of the problem. He kept looking around at all of us and his arms were shaking. We gave him a bath and he did great… No tears! He also ate his lunch and was happily playing with the other kids while the rest of us finished lunch. 

We're expecting him to have a pretty easy transition to us as he wasn't with family before coming here, and in the Nutrition Center, it's likely he was in his bed most of the day surrounded by other children in his room. 

As you can see in the pictures, he has pretty unruly hair and lots of it! Sarah and I will be taking him for a haircut this afternoon so you might not recognize him in future pictures!

9pm update: He's still doing well! No more shaking and he's been really happy, playing and giggling with the other kids. He crawls and does pull up to stand. However, if you hold him in your arms and try to get him to stand, he tenses up and refuses to put his feet on the ground. If he does it by himself, he pulls up like it's nothing! 

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