Friday, January 16, 2015

Adios A.!

This morning we were told that A.'s parents had their court hearing this afternoon. It's always a bit of a surprise when the hearings are and none of us were expecting it this week. His parents came for their normal visit this morning (this time with an older cousin in tow), and then after lunch all headed to the court house with Rosa. The children almost always go to the hearings with their parents. If the judge says that the adoption can continue (which they have always done since I've been here), the children can go home with their parents so it's easier if the children are already with them in court (one less trip back to the orphanage). 

A.'s adoption had a bit of a rough start so we were all happy to see some big changes throughout their two weeks of visits. His parents were so excited to take him, and he was equally happy to be with them! While saying our goodbyes, he wanted nothing to do with any of us and instead just looked around for his new dad! Their court hearing went well (as expected) and he was allowed to go home with his new family! 

As I've said after other adoptions, it's always so different when even one child leaves the home. In this case, it's even more different. Throughout the past year and a few months, A. was always with Lindsey/in my room while C. was always with me. Nearly all of my memories with Lindsey also include A… He was always around! "Our" babies grew up together and it has been SO much fun to watch. As much as I love all of the babies, it's definitely a different type of love for him and C., so I notice his absence a bit more. We're hoping that his parents will bring him for a visit in about a month so we'll see!

 C. is really going to miss her best buddy and partner-in-crime!

 A. saying goodbye to his favorite tío!

 One more family photo during their last visit!

 A.'s new cousin came for the second time today, and he really likes playing with her!

 He loves all of the toys I keep in my room… He decided to read "Rolie Polie Olie" one last time!

 Freshly bathed and changed for court! His parents have kept me entertained these two weeks with some of their ways of dressing him… My favorite moments: 1.)One of his pairs of pants has a moose on the back. They couldn't decide if the moose goes on the front or back. His mom tried to put it on the front while his dad insisted that it went on the back. His dad won the battle and the pants were put on correctly. 2.)His parents weren't sure how to change diapers during their first visit. Right now we're using disposable diapers which seemed to be even more complicated for them. Upon undressing A. one night to change his diaper, I discovered that they had put the diaper on backwards! A quick lesson the next morning from the tías and it hasn't happened again! 3.)Before heading to court today, I asked his parents if they had brought a diaper for him or if they needed one of our diapers. They said they had bought one at the store down the street but it was too small. I questioned them about the size and they bought one of the smallest sizes possible (just a step up from a newborn size diaper). Another quick lesson in diaper sizing and what size A. wears and I think they're now good to go!

 Tía Lucy was working the day A. arrived as a tiny newborn, and she was also working today on the day he left!

A. saying goodbye to his favorite tía!

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Pam Goodenough said...

I remember holding him last January. He was such a sweetheart and I'm so happy for him and his new family!