Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Feliz Navidad to the babies!

It might be a little late to celebrate Christmas with the babies, but this afternoon, the babies finally received their Christmas presents! Several past volunteers, Sarah, Daniel, and I all went in for gifts together and bought all new highchairs and two new walkers. For those of you who sent/left money with me, THANK YOU!!! Everyone loves the new highchairs! 

I've been told that the highchairs we'd been using were the highchairs bought ten years ago when Casa de Amor opened, and although I'm not sure if it's true, it was definitely time to replace them! Also, now that all but one of our fifteen kids are eating, we needed more seats. We had kids all over the place in the dining room, and it's been so nice to have them all safely strapped into a chair!

Just because this was the most memorable trip to La Cancha I've ever had… We went a few days ago to check out prices of highchairs. We found a highchair we liked, and it just so happened also to be the cheapest… Perfect! Or so we thought- When we returned, we realized that the stores had multiple boxes of the fancier, more expensive version and not so many boxes of the cheaper version of this particular highchair. We were only willing to pay the cheaper price. After realizing that no one would go down on the price for the fancier one (even though we played the whole "We work at an orphanage and need lots of chairs for all of our kids" card), we kept looking around for another shop. We finally found one who had four of the fancier highchairs in their shop but another nine in their storage closet (in this case think house filled floor to ceiling with boxes of strollers, toy cars, highchairs, etc… It was insane!). We explained that even though they had the number we needed, they wouldn't work because we needed the cheaper version. You had to have been there to see exactly what I mean when I say the shopkeeper begged us to buy them from her, but it ended in her agreeing to give us the fancier highchairs at the lower price and then taking us in a taxi down the road to their storage closet to get the other nine from there. When we walked inside the storage closet, she took us to a back room (pictured above) to get the highchairs. She started stacking up boxes of other items that she then climbed up to get the chairs down… So crazy and only in Bolivia!

I'm not sure how all 13 highchairs and 2 walkers fit into the taxi but they did!

 Once we got home, we realized they needed built… With three of us putting them together, we finished pretty quickly!

I love how bright they are!

 One of the baby walkers!

 Modeling her new chair!


Katrina said...

wow! Fabulous :)

Jennifer Beaty (Thompson) said...

Yep, I can verify those chairs are 10 years old! There have been a couple other high chairs given us through the years. Every time I try to buy more, the staff insist that they can fix the current ones, so it never happened. And then I thought that group that bought big supplies for us last year was going to buy them, but they didn't. Thanks for the WONDERFUL, very practical Christmas gift!!!