Saturday, October 29, 2016


Enjoy your monthly blog post... :)

 Sometimes when my kids finish their work, I let them play with unifix cubes. If we have time, sometimes we do "show and tell" and they tell the class about what they made. Other times they just show me what they made. On this day, one of my kids handed me this creation and said "Look Miss Hannah! I made you. I didn't have enough blocks so you only have arms to your elbows."

 Our tías at Sunshine House are the best! Here's Tía Milenka helping B. with homework while letting J. sleep in the aguayo.

The kids love these little egg-shaped gummy/jello candies... They look so gross!

Tiny baby in an aguayo... One of my favorite things about life in Cochabamba!

A couple weeks ago, our church had a big fundraiser lunch for the end-of-the-year mission trip. Sarah and I were asked to bring dessert. I still don't have a working oven so I went over to her house so make the cookies... It took so long and there were so many cookies at the end. Not that we complained... We kept plenty of cookies for ourselves and took the rest to church with us!

Weekends are filled with planning for school, and this month, we had to turn in grades and comments for reports cards... Hard to believe 1st quarter is already over!

 My school has a big fundraiser called the International Fair. Each class picks a country to study and then on the day of the Fair, everyone sets up a booth representing their country and they sell typical food. In pre-school, we each studied a department in Bolivia instead of a country. My class studied Pando... For your enjoyment, the facts we learned:

Pando is a department located in the north of Bolivia. The capital is Cobija. Typical foods include sonso and empanada de charque (both pictured above) as well as patasca de cerdo. There are many popular places to visiting including Las Cachuelas, El Monte Alto and El Río Tahuamanu (spelling is probably way off...).

One of the other kinder classes studied a department in Bolivia known for their many flowers... They used tons of flowers to decorate their booth and when it was over, we all got to take some flowers home with us. They were so pretty!

Today Miel got to tag along with me to the hogar. I took her once before and several of the kids have been asking when I'll bring her back... I figured today was a good day!

 A. "washing" her baby with dirt... When bath time was over and she took her out of the bucket, she seemed shocked at how dirty the baby still was! 

 Not sure what M. was trying to do but all of the sudden I heard him start to cry and when I looked over he was hanging from the stairs of the slide.

S. drew this picture of Miel... I thought it was an interesting representation of her!

Miel needs to be a therapy dog... She was SO good for the kids and all the things they did to her this afternoon. Poor thing was worn out though!

A.M. celebrated her 10th birthday this week! She has had a family working toward her adoption for awhile now and they were granted visits on her birthday. They threw her a party on her birthday and we planned to celebrate with her today with ice cream sundaes. Unfortunately when we arrived to the hogar we found out that she was out with her new family. We decided to have the (melted) ice cream sundaes anyway!

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Feliz Cumple, B. y D.!

Today was an exciting day at Sunshine House as we celebrated not one, but TWO birthdays! Both B. and D. will be turning another year older later this week, so we had a joint Ninja Turtles party for them this afternoon!

B., especially, was so excited for the party! He was the one who requested the theme, and Sarah was in charge of putting it together... She and Lindsey made a Ninja Turtle cake and cupcakes and Sarah made masks for everyone. The kids loved them! I took tons of cute pictures but unfortunately can't post any of them as they show the kids' faces... Here are a few that we can post... :)

 D. taking a couple phone calls before the party began as after he was too busy to be bothered with phone calls ;)

 B. opening up his presents- a Ninja Turtle figurine and costume

Their cake and cupcakes were so cute!
 B. was happy to partake in the Bolivian tradition of biting the cake and his siblings were happy to help him take that bite!

 D. sneaking some cake after everyone finished eating!