Sunday, March 30, 2014

Church and Out to Lunch!

Y'all are going to get tired of the group pictures of our kids before church and pictures of them eating cheese empanadas…

We set a new record of how many kids we can take to church! We decided to add N. to our group so we ended up taking 8 kids (out of 13 so we could give the tías a bit of a break this morning) with us. We had a couple unhappy kids while walking into the church nursery, but their nursery teacher always comes prepared with chocolate cookies so it doesn't take long for them to calm down! They did wonderful in the nursery.

After church, we decided to go to one of our go-to restaurants for cheese empanadas. While eating our lunch, guess who came in to eat?! The Boohers! It's always fun seeing them unexpectedly. We also saw one of our substitute tías as she walked by the restaurant. 

As a bribe to finish their empanadas, we told the kids we'd buy them ice cream after they finished eating. There was an ice cream truck parked just across the street so it was very convenient. We bought a few cups of ice cream and let the kids share. We arrived home just in time for naps with full tummies and 8 sleepy kids!

 We were running a little late this morning, and I was trying to eat breakfast as Lindsey was trying to load the kids into the car. Saret stopped her and said, "But Tía Lindsey, we can't go to the car yet. Tía Hannah has to take our picture first!" I've taught her well!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

La Horita Feliz & Bonfire at the Boys' House

This afternoon, we took our usual group of kids to La Horita Feliz. They did GREAT! Everyone went into their class with a smile (although S. apparently started crying so Tío Rudi took her next door to their house) which was a first for us! They always pass out a snack of a banana, bread, and milk so we hung around afterwards so the kids could eat. 

Then, we headed down the street to the boys' house. The volunteer there, Linnea, has been clearing out their fire pit and wanted to have a bonfire with the boys. She invited us to come over with our baby house crew, as well. We had a quick dinner there and then headed outside. Our baby home kids couldn't have cared less about the bonfire… They're all about the kittens that live at the boys' house! They did enjoy eating some toasted marshmallows though as Linnea bought smore ingredients for the boys. We weren't able to stay too long as we headed home when it was getting close to bedtime, but everyone had a fun evening while it lasted! 

Friday, March 28, 2014

Photo Friday!

Baby C. and Baby E. showing off their Buddha bellies! Baby E.'s size rivals that of Baby C.!

L. fresh and clean after his bath 

Excited about her first big outing since coming home from the Nutrition Center! 

Baby C. can't move forward but scoots herself backwards all over the dining room… This time she managed to scoot herself under the crib and then couldn't get out! 

At one point this week, our 13 kids had five different kinds of milk… Preparing milk five times a day was a bit crazy! 

For those of you who know our kids… Look who came back to visit! She has grown a lot taller and just seems so much older. She's talking up a storm too! 

A couple weeks ago, Saret was getting her haircut outside by one of the tías. I told her we'd go buy ice cream when it was finished (she was less than thrilled about getting her hair cut), and K. must've heard because he was waiting at the gate when Saret was ready to go! He got to go along to the store to buy a popsicle too.

Four of our soon to be six babies! (We're at 5 babies right now, but Baby F. from Casa 4/Boohers' house will be moving back in with us probably within the next month or so.)

M. enjoying his drink while taking a potty break! 

Having a Pollo Sabroso picnic on my bedroom floor 

 I had an audience when nebulizing Baby A. one morning!

Everyone wants to wear the ankle weights! 

Sleepover at the girls' house! 

 Last weekend, we had a pijamada (sleepover) at the girls' house… They LOVE bringing all the matresses downstairs to make one giant bed for everyone!

Eating noodles with your hands is so much easier than using your utensils! 

 S. and I traded shoes a few days ago

 S. and N. playing outside

I introduced the tías and kids to "tazas de tierra" (dirt cups) for snack a few weeks ago… They were huge fans! 

Baby D. has grown a lot! 

Doesn't everyone practice their newfound skill of walking while pants-less?!  

M. had a rough morning… He had a tantrum while under the pillows! 

I don't bother laying Baby C. on the blanket anymore… She just scoots herself off of it immediately. 

Johanna used Baby A. as a pillow. I think he enjoyed it! 

I forgot how tiny newborns are! 

With that boy haircut, she really could pass for the man of your dreams! 

Why bother pedaling when you have people willing to push you around?! 

I bathed a few of the babies the other day and S. was my loyal helper through it all! She helped gather up clothes and diapers, and after they were bathed, she helped dry them off and put lotion on them. When we were finished, she said, "I helped you a lot Tia Hannah!"

The wild child and I! Her favorite game is to lay on her stomach on my legs, and I flip her up and over my head so she lands with her feet on the ground. 

Dinner with the princess (or Queen C. as I refer to her!)