Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Chau (again), M.!

After almost two weeks, we had to say goodbye for the second time to M. We thought the strike at the jail would only last a week at the most, but it ended up lasting a little bit more than a week which is why M. stayed with us for almost two full weeks. 

The night M. arrived, she seemed a bit shocked. I think she definitely remembered where she was, but it was like she was trying to figure out her place again. It didn't take her long though! Before we knew it, she was WILD! She had a little too much fun sleeping in my room and quickly decided she didn't need a nap. She was all over the room and into absolutely everything when she napped in here. A few days she was forced to nap upstairs, and it was a completely different scenario! After screaming for a few minutes, she went right to sleep and stayed asleep until we got her up. It was a bit better at night because she was so exhausted from her lack of a nap during the day that she actually went to sleep pretty quickly and without a fuss. 

She cried nearly every time I left the house without her, so she got to go on a lot of outings! Her behavior at church leaves something to be desired and she cries when taken to the nursery (to the point they come and get me), so I hadn't been bringing her to church with me as much as I used to… I brought her once with our big group, and she was all over the place! As crazy as it was, it was SO nice to have her back here with me!

Even though I wasn't caring for her on my own all day, she was with me quite a bit. It was exhausting at times (she's not an easy, tranquila baby like Baby C.!), but it was certainly great to be able to see her again (and much better than just a short visit to her in the jail!)!

She left us tonight for the second time. Poor thing was NOT happy about leaving! When Tía Carla told her it was time to say goodbye to us, she immediately came over to sit with me and was holding on to me and telling Tía Carla goodbye instead! It was really funny but kind of sad, too. 

I think M. will probably need at least a month to be with her mom before I see her again. If we don't get any more surprise visits from her before then, I'm hoping to go visit her. We'll see what happens!

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