Monday, March 10, 2014

A Visit from Samira!

It's always SO much fun when kids who have been adopted recently come back to visit! In such a short time, there are always lots of changes. Samira (her name has been changed since her adoption… so I think it's fine if I use the name we called her, but someone let me know if I shouldn't and I'll change it!) met her parents back in November, and they're the sweetest family. We've kept in touch since she left, and this afternoon, they brought her back to visit!

I'm not sure she totally remembered us, but we were so happy to see her! She's looking a lot older and she's grown a lot, too. We were sure she'd be walking, but she's not there quite yet… I don't think it'll be long though! 

Tía Nilda and Tía Eli ran out to our room when they heard Samira had arrived! Tía Nilda was especially sad when Samira left and Samira was "her" baby!

This is the face I remember! In this picture, she just looks a little bit older. 

Playing with her dad!

Can't believe how much you've grown in just 2 and a half months!! 

Chau for now, Samira! Come back soon!

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Danyelle Graves said...

I dont know how I missed this post, but I LOVE it! :)