Saturday, March 8, 2014

Happy Birthday, Mindi!

Many of you know Mindi (as she was known here… she has a different name now!)… She was one of the original grandes (the big kids) when I arrived, and she was adopted by a Bolivian family in August of last year. 

She attends the same church as the big kids from Casa 2-3 and several tías, so I've been given updates on her even though I haven't seen her. For her 3rd birthday, her parents wanted to bring her back to Casa de Amor to celebrate with the tías and kids. I was really excited to hear this as I've really wanted to see her again!

She and her parents came over last night to decorate, and this morning was the big celebration! It was quite the party, that's for sure! There were tons of balloons, a 3-layer cake, jello, hot chocolate, potato chips, music, dancing, lots of friends, treat bags, a huge piñata, and so much more. The kids LOVED the party!

For me, the best part was that two of the other kids from the original grandes group were able to come help Mindi celebrate her birthday! Elias and Fernanda both came with their parents. Ruth was also invited but unable to come. It really is amazing to see how much they've grown and changed with families! Mindi has gotten so much taller and is a talkative little thing! After not having seen most of us in about 7 months, she seemed to be pretty comfortable back at the home. Elias seems to be understanding more Italian than Spanish after just a week, and Fernanda is looking so much older and talking a LOT! The two enemies while living here were quite the pair at the party! They had a blast playing together! 

 Thanks to the clothing donations of several volunteers, our babies looked PRECIOUS! If only we could dress them like this every day ;)

I need to write a blog post about her! She requested several photos and took some selfies!

Look who came back to visit!  

The photo doesn't do the size of this cake justice… It was quite possibly the biggest birthday cake I've ever seen!

Waiting patiently for the party to start. Our cumpleañera (birthday girl) is on the right in the pink outfit. 

Everyone loved the special cups! 

Guarding his food ;)

N. eating some jello!

Snack time! 

Birthday girl! As you can see, she's a big Hello Kitty fan which was the theme of her party! 

Baby A. hanging out!

Fernanda and Elias playing outside with Elias's dad! 

Tío David and Tía Rosa brought their daughters to the party… They've known Mindi's parents for a long time as they worked together in the past. 

Tía Silvia and I… I asked her if we could please take a picture together, and her response was "But Tía Hannah, why?" She hates having her picture taken! 

Of course Baby C. won the best-dressed award :) 


It seems that our picky eater has a bit of a sweet tooth! 

Tía Savannah, look how much your baby has grown! 

Baby C. in one hand and food in the other… His two favorite things! 

She didn't want to bite the cake, but she did blow out the candle!

Yes that giant thing would be the piñata! 

V. was waiting so nicely to collect some candy!

Stuffing her coat pockets full of candy! 

That treat bag is as big as he is!

This picture is HORRIBLE but it's the best one I have… I really wanted a picture of the original grandes, but they weren't cooperating. Even still, I'm glad I got it! K. (still living at the baby home), Fernanda, Elias, and Mindi… just missing Ruth!

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Savannah Sielbeck said...

so i was stalking your blog for pictures of staff that i needed for an email, and i came across this picture of fern from this spring...ahh!!! made me smile so much. :)