Wednesday, August 7, 2013


This adorable 2 year old was just adopted! She met her (Bolivian) parents last Thursday, and they´ve been coming to visit her ever since. She went out to dinner with her mom tonight and never came back! We were later told that her adoption had been finalized and she had gone to live with her family. The unexpectedness was a little hard on us because we didn´t really get to say goodbye to her, but she lives nearby so we´re hoping she´ll visit!

Most of these pictures have probably been posted in other blog posts... but they´re some of my favorites!

M., with her BFF, E... love birds

 What a great smile for so early in the morning!

Enjoying her first Tampico Float at House 4

 If you keep taking off your pajamas as night, you get to put them on backwards!

Out to lunch!

Looking like she´s from the ´80s with that scrunchie!

 Such a model

 Eating at our favorite restaurant... El Pollo Sabroso!

Heading to church with my 2 ¨hijitas¨

 Doing her chores... which includes keeping the area outside my bedroom nice and tidy

 Loving the park

 Locked up

A little more excited about this trip to the park!

 M. and her buddies love visiting Tía Hannah´s bedroom

I think I broke her of her fear of swinging!

 And last but certainly not least... my favorite picture of one of my favorite 2 year olds! 

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