Sunday, August 30, 2015

Night at the Hospital

J. has been in the hospital for a week and a half now. Last night, I spent the night at the hospital with him. The nurses came in nearly every hour during the night to check different things, so we didn't get the best sleep but that didn't seem to affect J.'s mood! He was so happy, smiley and giggly! He's definitely feeling a lot better and we're hoping tomorrow will be his discharge day!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Hospital Buddies

We barely had a break between Cliver getting out of the hospital and babies J. and M. going in. They've been in since last Wednesday (J.) and last Thursday (M.), so we're all ready for them to get discharged! We're hoping tomorrow is the day...

I spent a couple hours with them tonight. I don't know why but J. was back on oxygen and the nurses weren't happy with his oxygen levels even with the supplemental oxygen. There is a nursing student spending time with M., and he screamed every second he was awake. He was already high maintenance and now it's worse! Hopefully he'll be happier when he feels better.

 Baby J. was in a great mood when I arrived!

...and this was M. the entire time!

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Weekend with the Babies!

I took far too many pictures this weekend (really though is there such a thing?!), so I'm just posting all of them here... We had a great weekend at Horita Feliz and church!

The pictures below were all taken before church. We had a little photo shoot before we left the house and they looked PRECIOUS!

 This picture was actually taken when we got back home from church. While eating his lunch, L. got mad and threw a spoonful of food at me, so I took his plate. He then laid at the bottom of the stairs for half an hour yelling at me that he wanted water (I gave some to the other kids after they finished eating but didn't give him any as I'd taken his plate and told him to go upstairs). It wasn't one of his finer moments!

Saturday, August 22, 2015

In the Hospital

This past week, two of our babies have been hospitalized. It started on Wednesday when J. was having trouble breathing. He was definitely sick on Tuesday when we celebrated his birthday, but it apparently became worse over night. He was taken to the doctor on Wednesday and was then admitted to the hospital with bronchopneumonia. He was put on oxygen, received a blood transfusion (due to high anemia levels), and we're happy to say is now doing much better!

Then the next day, M. wasn't doing so well and was also having a lot of trouble breathing. He's been a sickly baby since his arrival which sometimes makes it hard to tell when he really needs to go to the hospital. He was taken as a precaution and they decided to admit him, too. 

We're not yet sure when the boys will be discharged. We're expecting a few more days in the hospital until everyone is sure they have recovered. For now, keep them in your prayers that they feel much better soon and can come home where they belong!

Baby J.

Baby M. with Tía Carla (psychologist)

Friday Night Sleepover

This past Friday, we had two little guests over to our house! Most of the babies are sick with various illnesses, but A. and D. were both healthy so they got to come home with me. I didn't tell Sarah I was bringing them and she almost brought Edson and Saret over for us (without telling me either) after leaving House 2, so that could've been a really wild night! D. destroyed our house but A. behaved wonderfully. That night she found a couple toys and kept them on the couch with her... She refused to get down and play. Saturday morning we went to the market and then stayed home until going to pick up the other kids for Horita Feliz. We had a fun sleepover with "our" babies and hope to do it again soon!

Before leaving the baby house, I took A. and D. into their bedroom to change their clothes. I almost didn't change D.'s shirt because it is SO appropriate!

This picture was taken not even 5 minutes after he came into our house. I've banned him from returning.

A. hanging out on the couch

She may have gone to bed 3 hours after her normal bedtime... She made up for it though by sleeping in 3 hours past her normal wake-up time!

 Bath time!

Patiently waiting her turn for her bath

Mamá Tiger and her little cub

Dressed and ready for the day!

Friday, August 21, 2015

Adios, A.!

This afternoon after just three short weeks with her, we said goodbye to A. She was brought to us after her unstable mother could no longer care for her, but we felt like she would probably go back to other family members which is what happened. Right after she was brought to Casa de Amor, her aunt wanted to take custody of her. They quickly did the paperwork and she came to pick her up today. She was SO excited to see A. again and immediately burst into tears and kept saying "thank you!" After several recent family reinsertions that worried me, it was nice to see an aunt so happy to be reunited with her niece! 

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Feliz Cumpleaños, J.!

Baby J. turns 1 today! After dinner we had a very quick birthday celebration, so I was happy to hear that he actually had another small party this morning, put on by the physical therapy students. He didn't know what to think of his cake and like he does with any other food, he refused to eat it! His big sister helped him blow out his candle and everyone else enjoyed their dessert! Maybe he'll enjoy it next year :)

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Church & Lunch

Savannah brought some of the cutest clothes for the kids when she visited, so today, everyone got to wear a new outfit! They looked super cute!

Not all smiling, but they are all looking at the camera! 

The tías thought we were actually trying to kill the children by taking them out in dresses, shorts, and rompers... They insisted we put jackets on all of them before leaving the house.

 If you poop in your clothes, you might get to go to lunch like this...

 We love the playground!

Enjoying lunch before it became "too spicy" to eat!

Before his tantrum over nothing happened!

Loving his lunch!