Monday, August 10, 2015

A Day with C.

Sarah started working today, so C. and I were on our own for the day. Although our first two hours were a bit rough (Edson left with Sarah so he lost his playmate), we had a good day overall. We made playdo, went on a walk, went grocery shopping, and spent the afternoon at home... There's no telling what adventures we'll have tomorrow! 

Last night after putting C. to bed, I could hear him moving around a bit but decided to leave him alone. When I went in to go to bed, I found him asleep like this!

 If I had to hear "Tía Hannah, look!" one more time this morning, I was sure I would go crazy. I decided we had to find a productive activity to keep him busy, so we made playdo! He was pretty unsure about it at first but has been playing with it the rest of the day.

 He liked making snakes and other little animals.

Such a good helper drying clothes! He found the clothespins and stuck them anywhere he could on the clothes.

Everyone is convinced that Sarah and I can't cook and will starve (and so will C.), but look at this feast I made for lunch... And just wait until you see dinner!

Nap-time is the best time ;)

Mac and cheese for dinner... I know, I cooked an actual meal twice in one day! 

So hyper before bed!

He's learning English from watching Big Bang Theory with us!

Tied up!

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