Saturday, August 22, 2015

Friday Night Sleepover

This past Friday, we had two little guests over to our house! Most of the babies are sick with various illnesses, but A. and D. were both healthy so they got to come home with me. I didn't tell Sarah I was bringing them and she almost brought Edson and Saret over for us (without telling me either) after leaving House 2, so that could've been a really wild night! D. destroyed our house but A. behaved wonderfully. That night she found a couple toys and kept them on the couch with her... She refused to get down and play. Saturday morning we went to the market and then stayed home until going to pick up the other kids for Horita Feliz. We had a fun sleepover with "our" babies and hope to do it again soon!

Before leaving the baby house, I took A. and D. into their bedroom to change their clothes. I almost didn't change D.'s shirt because it is SO appropriate!

This picture was taken not even 5 minutes after he came into our house. I've banned him from returning.

A. hanging out on the couch

She may have gone to bed 3 hours after her normal bedtime... She made up for it though by sleeping in 3 hours past her normal wake-up time!

 Bath time!

Patiently waiting her turn for her bath

Mamá Tiger and her little cub

Dressed and ready for the day!

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