Sunday, August 2, 2015

Another day in the hospital with C.

C.'s doctors have told us that his heart surgery is confirmed for tomorrow morning. We're happy to hear that there should be an available bed in the ICU, as he's getting restless in the hospital. As you can probably imagine, there's no keeping him in bed all day! He has a set of blocks that he can play with for a long time if he's in the mood, and he's also loving all of his tv and iPad time. He's also had fun running up and down the big spiral ramp in the hospital... Got to burn off some of that energy! Today without an iPad, he settled for taking selfies on my phone. We also got to "babysit" his new roommate (an adorable little 10 month old also scheduled for heart surgery tomorrow) while his mom ran to the pharmacy this evening. 

I'm planning on heading over to the hospital before he's taken back for surgery tomorrow morning, so I'll post another update later tomorrow. Pray for him!!

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