Friday, August 7, 2015

Out of the ICU!

Yesterday, we were SO happy to find out that C. was being moved out of the ICU and back upstairs to a regular room! He moved up after lunch, and I had the night shift with him. I'd been told that he'd been laying around a lot yesterday afternoon and seemed to be in some pain, but he must've been over it by the time I arrived because he was wide awake and very happily playing until midnight when I took the iPad and Peppa Pig away from him and forced him to go to bed!

His nurse came in throughout the night and this morning to check on him and every time she came in, she said "I just can't believe how fast he's healing and how great he's doing!" She said kids never come out of the ICU after open heart surgery after just 3 days and come upstairs with no oxygen, iv fluids, and very little pain medication. I asked her when she thinks he'll be discharged and she said she wouldn't be surprised it was later today (!!!!!) or tomorrow. 

Later on this morning, another nurse came in to bathe him and also commented on how well he is doing. She said she attributes it to the fact that he has so many "mamás" coming to spend time with him all day! She sent us on a walk around the hospital so he could get some fresh air and calm down after she "tortured" him by taking off all his bandages (some were really stuck to his skin and hurt him to take off). Then the surgeon came in to check on him and was happy with his progress. I thought I'd convinced her to discharge him today, but now I'm not so sure. We'll see what happens this afternoon!

How do you like his new pose?! So funny!

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