Tuesday, August 4, 2015

C.'s day in the ICU

This afternoon, Sarah and I headed over to the hospital to visit C. for his one hour visit. Health-wise, he's doing so well! He continues to recover without complications. Many tubes have come out, and he was sitting up and awake. He ate some jello while I was there and drank a little water too. The nurses told us that we can bring crackers and juice for him tomorrow. He seems so much better than he did yesterday afternoon.

Emotionally, he's not doing too great, however. He's scared and sad to be alone and seemed to be mad at us when we arrived. He isn't talking to the nurses (they assumed he doesn't talk at all) and cried when Sarah and Tía Serafina went back with him. He never cried with me, but he didn't want to make eye contact. He did answer a few yes or no questions, mainly by shaking his head though. The biggest issue right now is that he has a diaper on and is refusing to use the bathroom in the diaper. The child is 4 years old... Can you really blame him?! He got so worked up about them not taking the diaper off that they had to give him sedatives to calm him down again. All too soon the hour was up and we unfortunately had to leave him while he was screaming...

Before heading home, we went upstairs to his old room to see how his former roommate (the little baby in the last picture a few posts back) was doing. He still has a cold so his surgery which had been planned for Monday afternoon was suspended until at least Wednesday. His parents wanted to know how C. was doing, and we were able to reassure them about their little boy's surgery. There was also another little girl in the room so we talked to her mom for a bit as well. His first roommate, a two year old in need of heart surgery, had surgery this morning and we got to talk to his parents as we all waited outside the ICU. He is doing well so far, but his parents are pretty distressed about not being able to spend much time with him. It's a tough road, but now that we're on the other side it's nice that we can talk to other parents and let them know what they can expect when it's their child's turn!

As only one of us can enter the ICU at a time, Sarah and I have to take turns going in. There's a window right in front of his bed so Sarah was able to take this picture of C. and I from the hallway.

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