Sunday, January 31, 2016

Just another Sunday!

I think we ended up with 17 kids in all (including our friend's kids) at church this morning. We didn't take a group picture before leaving, but these two are always cooperative with my constant picture taking and were happy to let me take a quick photo!

 It's been cold and rainy all day, and the girls insist on wearing their giant puffy coats on days like this. Personally, I think they look ridiculous! R. received far too many compliments for this coat at church.

 Whenever we arrive early to church, our kids are given breakfast/snack. Today it was chocolate cake and hot chocolate.

After church, A. and I went to look at a house that a friend from church owns... More on why I'm looking for a house in a future post :)

 V. has a bad fever and isn't feeling well. I'm hoping his fever goes down or he might end up in the hospital. Keep him in your prayers!

Sneak peak of what is happening tomorrow! 

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Saturday at the Hogar

As the big girls reminded me several times today, "it's the second to last free day of vacation before school starts!" I know I've said it before, but the Bolivian school calendar runs February-November. Everyone goes back this Monday... School uniforms and materials have been bought so everyone is ready! 

So far, the kids seem excited. This year we have kids in pre-school, kindergarten, second grade, third grade, fourth grade, fifth grade and seventh grade (which is the first year in secondary school here!). Five year old S. knows I teach kindergarten and we both wish she could come to school with me. She was practicing writing her name earlier and said "You have to show it to the people at your school so they can tell you I can come there for kindergarten!" I told her I'll have to work on it!

I have so many videos of the girls dancing around like the crazies we know them to be but can't get them to post... pictures will have to do for now!

 Back at the beauty shop

 "I'm a cat. Meow meow!"

Dance party any time, any where!

She begged for a picture with my glasses.

Now they've moved on to gymnastics! Because standing on the top of the couch is the safest way to practice your beam routine...

 And then it was time to build a fort!

She took their "Let's nap!" idea seriously!

 The most ridiculous smile...

...and the prettiest smile!

Smiling in time out- We see you've learned your lesson!

Can't give up that bottle!

She gets more and more bald every time I see her... Now not only is the back of her head bald, her hair on top is falling out too!

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Feliz Cumpleaños L. and more!

What a day! After a full day at school, I finally made it to the hogar to finish decorating L.'s birthday cake so we could celebrate. I briefly considered asking someone else to do it, but I've made his cake for his 1st and 2nd birthdays, so I wanted to make his cake for the big 3rd birthday too! As you can see, it was VERY simple. 

After the big birthday celebration, we walked over to Carachipampa to lesson plan for a bit before we had to head over to the airport to see the Boohers off. They're going back to the States for 6 months and when they come back to Bolivia they'll be living in Camiri, pretty far away from all of us in Cochabamba! We miss y'all already but hope you have a great time at (your other) home!

Enjoy the pictures :)

"Helping decorate the cake"... Or so they said!

 Tía Silvia is my favorite... She made milanesas and mashed potatoes for lunch and knows it's my favorite Bolivian food ever. Obviously I couldn't come for lunch but she knew I'd be there that afternoon for L.'s birthday so she set a plate to the side for me!

 The "Best Dressed Party Guest" Award goes to... D.! Savannah takes full credit for this creation.

 Party guests ready for the party to start!

Just two more weeks and you both get a turn!

 Whenever I tell him to show me a big smile, he puts a finger in his mouth to feel his smile!

 When asked how old he is now, he held up 3 fingers and proudly said "Two!"

 Scoping out the cake he's been waiting for for weeks!

We jokingly told him to blow out the candle, and even though there wasn't one, he sure put in a good effort!

 He handled that so much better than I thought he would!

 Brother and sister sharing the last gummy worm!

When she didn't want to get up from her nap, I told her that I was going to eat her piece of cake... Obviously that did the trick!

 It's not our 3 dogs you have to worry about when you go to the hogar, it's the rabid 10 year old... He bit Sarah when she tried to take a stick that he was using to hit the younger ones from him... 

I only managed to get a picture with Adriana while at the airport! She and her brothers have no idea about all that awaits them in the States!

When we moved into our house about a month ago, we were told that they (the mission organization who owns it) were in the middle of remodeling it. As nothing has happened since we moved in, I hadn't been thinking much about it. That is, until we got home last night and found that they had torn out our cabinets and sink (that's what's on the right side of the picture on the floor) at some point today! To be honest, I'm writing this post the next day, and when I got home from school and went in the kitchen, I saw that they've already replaced some of it... Whereas it used to just be a counter from the side of the stove to the wall, it now turns the corner and stops under the right side of the window... It's so nice!

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Sunday Funday!

Sunday, although anything but relaxing, is always one of our favorite days! With Tía Savannah here, we got to take even more kids than we normally do to church. It was a bit crazy, but a great morning nonetheless!

 Grand total: 13

When they asked for volunteers to go up to help lead children's worship, it was suggested that I go up... I've already had my turn, so then it was decided that Sarah and Savannah should lead!

 When we go up, so do all of our kids!

That face would maybe suggest Sarah doesn't know the motions?! We're good for lyrics but may all be lacking a bit with knowing all the motions!

A friend from church who is also the Sunday School teacher for our youngest kids sent me these next few pictures of them in their class!

 S. during church... She really likes going but doesn't participate much yet in the children's worship songs!

As usual, A. received a wonderful report from her teachers!

Friday, January 22, 2016

A day off with the babies!

After a grueling first two weeks at school, I was ready for a day off ;) 

Really though, today is a holiday so no school! Sarah and I headed over to the hogar this morning to spend time with all of our favorite babies. Her school is just down the street from the hogar so she can stop over after school some times, but mine is a bit farther away making weekday visits a bit more difficult... I haven't seen the kids nearly enough lately! It was also an exciting morning as everyone's favorite Tía Savannah arrived back for a visit!

 The bottom shelf is everyone's favorite place to play! A.M. always likes making herself a little bed and bringing "her little brother" G. up there with her!

 A. is SO smart and is becoming such a little talker! He's learned to say my name and repeats everything you tell him!

 S. and her doll, Carmin... It makes me happy that nearly a year after Carmin left, the kids still remember her :)

 She's really just a big baby!

Our favorite game is to let the kids sit on the motos with us and have the others push as around... I think we get the better deal but they don't seem to mind!

 I. was mad when it wasn't his turn on the moto!

 S.'s solution to I.'s tantrum was to cover him up with the rug... Always helpful!

 Nap time is over!

S.: "Look Tía, R. is almost ready to walk!" Not sure I'd say that she's almost ready, but she's getting there... Also, how much do you like that mismatched outfit?!

 The tías report that V. is much more "tranquilo" (calm) than he used to be and is crying much less... Look at his cute chubby cheeks!