Sunday, January 17, 2016

Weekend Pictures!

As much as I'm enjoying teaching, this not being at the hogar every day business is no fun... I miss being with the babies all the time! This weekend outside the hogar was super busy, so I wasn't able to be around much. I did get a few pictures of the kids on Saturday and then we went to church on Sunday. I somehow lucked out and only got to take the younger ones to church... Like I said in my post last week, I always prefer taking out the babies/toddlers, so it was a nice treat! Only having 4 at church was a dream... So easy! 

I'm hoping that as I get into more of a routine at school I'll be able to spend more time at the hogar, but we'll see! For now, enjoy some cute pictures of them this past weekend :)

 S. with her newest hijito ("son")

Can you believe this baby is starting pre-school in two weeks?! It's a long story, but I think her birthdate is wrong, which would actually put her at starting school next year... But you know, we're in Bolivia so anything goes...

And can you believe this baby is almost ONE?!

G. seems so much older when he feeds himself!

R. and her "papito" (pet name for little boys and the only way she refers to him)

Playing outside!

The yard at the boys' house is basically a jungle... C. was having too much fun crawling around and growling!

 Now that he's an official big boy, he thinks he can no longer come visit the babies!

Castigados outside... That's what they get for escaping every chance they get! 

 "No tía, I didn't draw on myself."

You may remember in my post last week a picture of S. (pink shirt) and a little story about how she nearly got herself run over when she refused to cross the street with us... On our way to church today, she was recounting that event (last week she told us we left her in the street) and said "But then Tía Sarah saved my life!" It was hilarious! She said it so loudly that everyone in the trufi turned around to look at her... and then me. I know they were trying to figure out what she was talking about!

We bought Pilfrut for such good behavior!

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