Sunday, January 3, 2016

Feliz Cumpleaños, Tía Benita!

Tía Benita's birthday is on January 1st, but as Sarah and I had kids at our house and didn't go to the hogar, we celebrated today! 

 Tía Silvia made sure Benita got eggs and flour in her hair on her actual birthday, so as hilarious as I think this Bolivian birthday tradition is, I was hoping to avoid it today... Mainly because I knew I'd end up covered in it as well (the birthday person rarely keeps that mess only in their own hair... whoever put it there usually gets some too!). As soon as the girls realized we were celebrating they started talking about getting eggs and flour ready. They even hid a cup of flour, sugar and an egg in the kitchen. She came in and they all ambushed her... Right as the picture was being taken, she leaned over to get the eggs and flour in A.M.'s hair!

 Horrible picture of most of us, but A.M.'s face is too funny! Right after this picture, she and the girls broke eggs in my hair- As if I had anything to do with the original eggs and flour!

 B. was having way too much fun and ran over to me with an egg in her hand to break it in my hair. I was faster than that though and grabbed it from her and cracked it on her head first!

 We had eggs all over the floor and Benita immediately got down on her hands and knees to clean it up! Also, that smile- a birthday miracle for sure!

 The original mess in the kitchen!

 Time to sing to our cumpleañera!

 The girls LOVE celebrating the tías' birthdays!

Tía Benita biting her cake with a little help from the girls!

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