Sunday, January 10, 2016

Sunday with the Kids!

This morning when we went over to pick up kids for church, we had the great surprise of Danyelle taking out some of the big girls so our number of kids we had to take went down quite a bit! 

I don't know that I can say it was a relaxing morning, but with only six (as opposed to our usual 9-10) kids, it was certainly easier! I have always preferred taking the "babies" (toddlers) to church with me instead of the older kids, but now that the older girls live with the babies, it's hard to tell the girls "no" when they're begging to go to church! It was nice having just the younger ones out with us today!

 I just can't get used to that bald head!

It's rare to get smiles like those on the first try!

We forgot to get a group picture of everyone before church so we tried for one after... They're so photogenic. Every one of them.

If you just saw this picture, you'd never believe how they both acted about 20 minutes later!

 And she's out!

On the trufi back home!

 He refused to walk and instead laid down in the middle of the street and cried...

Now it's sister's turn to cry. She hates going back home after church and today decided to just stop walking in the middle of the street when we were crossing a very busy avenue. Sarah had to run back and grab her before she got hit by a car. I told her she could go to timeout when we returned home and she cried the rest of the walk home. Later during lunch, we were discussing her bad attitude earlier and I asked her why she had been crying. She very matter of factly proclaimed "YOU LEFT ME IN THE STREET." We then had to talk about how that's not exactly what happened...

We like to end our outings on a high note... ;)

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