Friday, January 1, 2016

New Years Day

As soon as R. woke up, she found the obnoxious toy... Seriously this thing is the WORST! It has the most annoying song you've ever heard that just plays on repeat... And even though the kids have played it non-stop all day, there's no sign of the toy dying any time soon!

Loving the moto!

We bought motos yesterday and they were the best purchase we've ever made! Not only do Sarah and I enjoy riding them around the house, the kids think they're pretty great too!

Lunch time! Also, don't judge us for that kitchen... We haven't been able to finish unpacking yet which is why it's all such a disaster...

 It's so great having a yard! 

And the water fight has begun!

 Her face would lead you to believe she enjoyed getting water thrown on her... She did not.

She definitely did!

S. gave E. a bath!

Playing in the water!

Just a quick nap...

The kids LOVE all kinds of fruit!

Apparently "The Aristocats" is the funniest movie EVER. They laughed through the whole thing!

 Ready for sparklers!

I was sure she'd be too scared to go near the sparklers but she surprised us and wanted to do it first!

While scared at first, she came around and enjoyed it... Until she claims it burned her sock-covered finger!

 Love her!

That face!

Two tired girls!

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