Sunday, January 24, 2016

Sunday Funday!

Sunday, although anything but relaxing, is always one of our favorite days! With Tía Savannah here, we got to take even more kids than we normally do to church. It was a bit crazy, but a great morning nonetheless!

 Grand total: 13

When they asked for volunteers to go up to help lead children's worship, it was suggested that I go up... I've already had my turn, so then it was decided that Sarah and Savannah should lead!

 When we go up, so do all of our kids!

That face would maybe suggest Sarah doesn't know the motions?! We're good for lyrics but may all be lacking a bit with knowing all the motions!

A friend from church who is also the Sunday School teacher for our youngest kids sent me these next few pictures of them in their class!

 S. during church... She really likes going but doesn't participate much yet in the children's worship songs!

As usual, A. received a wonderful report from her teachers!

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