Friday, January 22, 2016

A day off with the babies!

After a grueling first two weeks at school, I was ready for a day off ;) 

Really though, today is a holiday so no school! Sarah and I headed over to the hogar this morning to spend time with all of our favorite babies. Her school is just down the street from the hogar so she can stop over after school some times, but mine is a bit farther away making weekday visits a bit more difficult... I haven't seen the kids nearly enough lately! It was also an exciting morning as everyone's favorite Tía Savannah arrived back for a visit!

 The bottom shelf is everyone's favorite place to play! A.M. always likes making herself a little bed and bringing "her little brother" G. up there with her!

 A. is SO smart and is becoming such a little talker! He's learned to say my name and repeats everything you tell him!

 S. and her doll, Carmin... It makes me happy that nearly a year after Carmin left, the kids still remember her :)

 She's really just a big baby!

Our favorite game is to let the kids sit on the motos with us and have the others push as around... I think we get the better deal but they don't seem to mind!

 I. was mad when it wasn't his turn on the moto!

 S.'s solution to I.'s tantrum was to cover him up with the rug... Always helpful!

 Nap time is over!

S.: "Look Tía, R. is almost ready to walk!" Not sure I'd say that she's almost ready, but she's getting there... Also, how much do you like that mismatched outfit?!

 The tías report that V. is much more "tranquilo" (calm) than he used to be and is crying much less... Look at his cute chubby cheeks!

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