Saturday, September 24, 2016


My lack of updates is embarrassing (compared to how it used to be...) but here's your once-a-month update on life in Bolivia...

September started out with one of our favorite days- Pedestrian Day! No cars or motorized vehicles are allowed on the streets and everyone goes out to walk or ride bikes... Miel and I went for a walk in the afternoon!

 We've all been busy with Sunshine House activities this month! We've been working on some ways to raise support (both in Bolivia and abroad) and have some big things planned for next month... Let us know if you'd like to become involved in our work!

At the end of August, Sunshine House welcomed our first new arrivals... Twin boys! Their mom is going through some hard times and needs help with her babies. I don't want to share too much until we know for sure what will happen, but please keep her in your prayers! I will tell you, however, she loves her kids and wants to care for them.

 I love going outside on my balcony at night to look at the city... It's not the best picture but it's the only one I've taken at night!

 As if the twins weren't enough, we received another new baby- this time a girl! While we know parts of her story, some of it is still a mystery. It looks like she will probably go back to family, but we're enjoying her for now!

 Sarah and I had a day off from school a few weeks ago and spent the morning cleaning out the babies' clothes... There were way too many things that don't fit anyone and were just taking up space. It was quite the project but their cabinets look so much better! I forgot to take an after picture...

 September 14th was Cochabamba's anniversary... We celebrated at school the day before (all the kinder classes danced traditional dances and we ate charque) and then had the day off. I love this city!

 I could go on and on about how much we love our church! If it wasn't for them, Sunshine House wouldn't be around and our kids would have been sent away to other homes a long time ago... Several of our church friends now work at Sunshine House and others come to help out whenever there's a need... Last week our friends Boris and Berenice came over to cut our kids' hair!

 Only in Bolivia do you actually need a sign telling people they aren't allowed to pee in the park... 

 Last weekend, Sarah, Lindsey and I were craving our favorite chicken restaurants near the old baby house... Pollo Sabroso was just as sabroso as I remembered and Sarah said the same about the alcohol shop chicken...

 Sarah and I were wandering around Quillacollo last weekend and decided to get manicures. It was a pretty sketchy place but for $2 you can't really complain! 

Last Sunday, Sarah and I took 8 kids out to lunch after church. While eating, a lady at the table next to us kept watching us. After a little while, she asked where the kids were from and then gave us a donation and asked us to buy the kids a treat... Ice cream for all! I think it's really important that our kids see generosity and kindness from Bolivians and have role models who look like them, so it was a great thing for our kids to see!

 Miel got her first haircut yesterday! She really needed one as last week I attempted to cut it myself and really butchered her fur... Dog grooming is clearly not in my future! Some friends from church have a vet and dog groomers, so they groomed her. Of course she received a glowing report on her behavior! And also, see what I mean about our church friends helping us with everything?!

I have to psych myself up for days to go to La Cancha (big open-air market in Cochabamba), but I'd say these baby costumes made the trip worth it... Have you seen a cuter mouse?! The little bear is pretty cute too and his brother has a monkey costume... Pictures of both to come another day!