Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Feliz Cumpleaños L. and more!

What a day! After a full day at school, I finally made it to the hogar to finish decorating L.'s birthday cake so we could celebrate. I briefly considered asking someone else to do it, but I've made his cake for his 1st and 2nd birthdays, so I wanted to make his cake for the big 3rd birthday too! As you can see, it was VERY simple. 

After the big birthday celebration, we walked over to Carachipampa to lesson plan for a bit before we had to head over to the airport to see the Boohers off. They're going back to the States for 6 months and when they come back to Bolivia they'll be living in Camiri, pretty far away from all of us in Cochabamba! We miss y'all already but hope you have a great time at (your other) home!

Enjoy the pictures :)

"Helping decorate the cake"... Or so they said!

 Tía Silvia is my favorite... She made milanesas and mashed potatoes for lunch and knows it's my favorite Bolivian food ever. Obviously I couldn't come for lunch but she knew I'd be there that afternoon for L.'s birthday so she set a plate to the side for me!

 The "Best Dressed Party Guest" Award goes to... D.! Savannah takes full credit for this creation.

 Party guests ready for the party to start!

Just two more weeks and you both get a turn!

 Whenever I tell him to show me a big smile, he puts a finger in his mouth to feel his smile!

 When asked how old he is now, he held up 3 fingers and proudly said "Two!"

 Scoping out the cake he's been waiting for for weeks!

We jokingly told him to blow out the candle, and even though there wasn't one, he sure put in a good effort!

 He handled that so much better than I thought he would!

 Brother and sister sharing the last gummy worm!

When she didn't want to get up from her nap, I told her that I was going to eat her piece of cake... Obviously that did the trick!

 It's not our 3 dogs you have to worry about when you go to the hogar, it's the rabid 10 year old... He bit Sarah when she tried to take a stick that he was using to hit the younger ones from him... 

I only managed to get a picture with Adriana while at the airport! She and her brothers have no idea about all that awaits them in the States!

When we moved into our house about a month ago, we were told that they (the mission organization who owns it) were in the middle of remodeling it. As nothing has happened since we moved in, I hadn't been thinking much about it. That is, until we got home last night and found that they had torn out our cabinets and sink (that's what's on the right side of the picture on the floor) at some point today! To be honest, I'm writing this post the next day, and when I got home from school and went in the kitchen, I saw that they've already replaced some of it... Whereas it used to just be a counter from the side of the stove to the wall, it now turns the corner and stops under the right side of the window... It's so nice!

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