Saturday, January 9, 2016

Missed my babies!

If you're my friend on Facebook then you already know this, but for those of you who aren't, my blog posting (or lack thereof) has been pretty bad this week as I started a new job! I worked outside of the hogar August-December as well but had a much more flexible schedule and was able to spend more time at the hogar during the week than I will be able to do now... For those who haven't heard the news- I'm now a kindergarten teacher!

It's a long story on how the new job came to be but it's something only God could've worked out... I'll just say that after I turned down a job from the same school last year, I certainly never thought I'd hear from them again! I knew this time there was no backing out, and I'm so glad I didn't. This first week was great and I couldn't be working with a better group of people! The other kinder teacher has been so incredibly welcoming and helpful to me, always asking how I'm doing/how it's going/how I'm feeling about _____, and giving me so many tips and lots of advice on how to make the day run smoothly. We each have an assistant and both of them go out of their ways to help me with anything and everything. I'm only here for this semester, but I know it'll be a good one!

After school let out yesterday, I couldn't wait to finally go see my favorite babies! A week without them had been way too long! This morning I went back to supervise some haircuts (thankful for friends from church who come cut our kids' hair!) and then S. and I went out for the afternoon to run some errands. While I've been spending many Saturday nights at the hogar, I decided to take tonight off so I could get a bit more rest for the week ahead! I'll be back there in the morning though to pick up the kids for church... One of our favorite outings of the week!

V. seems to have become quite the little chunk this week!

This one learned how to crawl this week! She was like a different baby when I showed up yesterday!
 That outfit is NEVER acceptable.

 O. crawled over with a big smile as soon as he saw me this morning! I'm a total girl mom, but he is just the sweetest and cuddliest little thing!

 M. wants to stand up all of the time! Still not crawling, so maybe straight to walking?! We'll see!

It was E.'s day to help Tía Silvia in the kitchen and while over at the house this morning, he found this giant wasp nest in one of the trees. 

 We had visitors who brought Pilfrut for the kids!

 Time for haircuts! The girls' hair is still growing out, so they just got the ends trimmed a bit.

 S. really didn't want a haircut at first, but when she realized they were barely cutting anything off, she was a lot happier.

 J. sat so still when it was her turn!

 I think this picture is too funny! 

 A. got to get in on the haircuts this time... Her first haircut with us since arriving last May!

 The boys all got shaved heads as they have lice... Oh, the life in an orphanage!

 S. got to try her first gumball while we were out!

Shyrlen: "Tía Hannah, did you see R.? Make sure you look at her hair! I dressed her for church and even combed her hair... She's ready to go!"

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