Saturday, January 2, 2016

Saturday with the Kids!

"Say cheese!"

 Considering the struggles we have with her not eating at the hogar, it always amazes me how well she eats everything with us!

 Someone thought our walls were too plain...

He fessed up to being the one to stamp the wall... He took it back when he realized he'd be the one scrubbing it off!

Too much fun with these two around!

I got quite the hairstyle from S. this afternoon. We didn't take an "after" picture, but imagine four ponytails and each one was then "braided." The four braids were then braided again into one big braid. It was beautiful for sure.

Don't know where you two think you're going!

 They've been begging to go to the park, so tonight we went to see the "Aguas Danzantes" (Dancing Waters).

 So much love my heart can barely take it!

When it's dark, the water is lit up in different colors but during the day it just looks like regular fountains.

Christmas doesn't have to be over!

 We'll pretend we're already starting the celebrations for Christmas 2016...

Had to visit Santa one last time (or "Papa Muel" if you're S.)!

"Tía Hannah, I'm just soooo cold!"

She HAD to see the dolphins before we left! 

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