Saturday, August 22, 2015

In the Hospital

This past week, two of our babies have been hospitalized. It started on Wednesday when J. was having trouble breathing. He was definitely sick on Tuesday when we celebrated his birthday, but it apparently became worse over night. He was taken to the doctor on Wednesday and was then admitted to the hospital with bronchopneumonia. He was put on oxygen, received a blood transfusion (due to high anemia levels), and we're happy to say is now doing much better!

Then the next day, M. wasn't doing so well and was also having a lot of trouble breathing. He's been a sickly baby since his arrival which sometimes makes it hard to tell when he really needs to go to the hospital. He was taken as a precaution and they decided to admit him, too. 

We're not yet sure when the boys will be discharged. We're expecting a few more days in the hospital until everyone is sure they have recovered. For now, keep them in your prayers that they feel much better soon and can come home where they belong!

Baby J.

Baby M. with Tía Carla (psychologist)

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