Sunday, August 18, 2013

Sunday Outing

Although I technically have Sundays off, I always take at least one baby with me to church which can make for anything but a calm and relaxing time! However, Sundays really are great days! 

This week, I brought two toddlers, R. and K. with me. Lydia, the new volunteer at House 3 joined us, and so did Victoria, the new volunteer at House 2. Victoria brought two of the boys, J. and E., with her, so we had quite the crowd!

The kids did really great while at church! J. and E. went to their Sunday School class and both had a lot of fun! K. stayed in church with me, and R. went to the nursery. She wasn't super excited about it when I dropped her off, but her teacher told me that she did well, too.

After church, we went out to Wist'upiku for lunch. They have delicious empanadas, and the boys had ice cream, too. I don't spend a lot of time at the boys' house, so it was fun to spend a little time with them outside of their house!

 Bolivians generally don't smile for pictures, and at 2 years old, these two have already perfected their face for the camera!

E. playing before church

 J. playing before church

 Victoria and her boys!

 J. loved his strawberry ice cream!

I think E. was the first to suggest ice cream, and it was worth every bite!

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