Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A day with the girls!

After Danyelle left on Tuesday, I spent Wednesday at the girls' house, helping with taking and picking up a couple of the girls from school. I usually go there after picking up A.M. from school on Tuesdays and Thursdays and stay until bedtime, so it was kind of different being there all day! It was a nice change though from my usual schedule, and I had a lot of fun!

My day started with taking J. to school. That was an experience! She's blind and goes to a special school that is almost an hour away by trufi. Trufi rides with her can be difficult because she has a hard time sitting still for that long and wants to touch everything and everyone around her... and some people aren't always receptive to her running her fingers through their hair! I should say though, although the ride was long, it was a good one! She sat still and quiet for most of the way. Had we not arrived 30 minutes late (totally my fault because we left way too late), it really would've been a great morning!  

After dropping off J. at school, I spent some time wandering around downtown Cochabamba. I rarely have alone time here and didn't realize how much I needed it. It was so nice to have a few hours by myself! I went out to eat, shopped a bit (more like window-shopped) and tried to visit Simon Patiño's house... I found it, but it's closed to visitors this week. There's a little neighborhood called "El Pueblito" near J.'s school and there's a little garden area there, so I sat there and read for a bit before going to pick her up. I felt so refreshed after my morning!

After taking J. back home, I spent the rest of the afternoon at the girls' house. I had a few begging me to take them to the baby home, so after the babies finished dinner, I took S. and O. with me to the baby home. We picked up E. and went to the park! O. is best buddies with E. (she refers to him as "her" E.) so she was super excited! After our park outing we went out to eat at my go-to restaurant, El Pollo Sabroso. We stopped to buy gum for the girls and a sucker for O. on our way back to the girls' house and arrived just in time for them to get ready for bed. It was a busy couple hours, but a lot of fun! I never take the girls out with me, but after tonight, I want to make it more of a priority! 

 J. overheard me telling one of the girls I would take them to the baby home and immediately went over to the door, ready to leave!

What a face! 

"Tía Hannah, I have your bag... can we please go to house 1 now?"

Sweet girls!

S. got ahold of my camera and had a little photoshoot with all of us! 

B. is constantly asking me to either take off my glasses or wear my contacts... She loved trying on my glasses!

 Tía Rocky and I hard at work!

Love these 2 girls!

And the photoshoot continues...

Best buddies, E. and O., at the park! 

S. also came to the park

She loved going up high on the seesaw 

S. loves to help all of the younger kids... She was great with E.!

 Practicing his chin-ups

 I love O.'s smile in this picture!

I lost count of how many times she climbed up this thing and wasn't able to get down!

 I love her smile in this picture, too!

She was pretty unimpressed with this "baby slide"! 

The BFFs holding hands on the walk back home

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