Friday, August 30, 2013

Feliz Cumpleaños, N.!

This morning we celebrated the first birthday of our N.! She has quite the history (you can read about it here), so we're really thankful that she is here and we can celebrate her life!

We sang happy birthday, Tía Maria prayed for her, and then everyone enjoyed cake and gelatina (because we all know it's not a party without some jello!). 

Unfortunately I seem to have more pictures of the party guests than I do of our cumpleañera...

Out of all the birthdays we've celebrated so far, no one has actually taken a bite of the cake (can't say that I blame them because I wouldn't want my face shoved into the cake either...). Leave it to the one year old to follow tradition, however! 
*As a side note, Tía Claudia is particularly fond of little N., and N. is quite smitten with Tía Claudia as well, so it was only fitting that Tía Claudia helped her take part in the tradition!

Quien quiere comer torta? YO!!!!!!!!!!
Who wants to eat cake? ME!!!!!!!!!!

 It was a sad realization for our resident drama queen when she realized it wasn't her who we were celebrating!

 The way to his heart is through food... It doesn't get better than cake and jello all at once!

Caught red-handed stealing frosting right off of the cake!

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