Sunday, August 25, 2013

Busy Sunday

I know I've said it before, but Sundays are truly anything but relaxing! Today started off with trying to get 7 kids ready for church. No, not all of them went with me, but they were all headed to a church. It was worth the stress of getting them ready when we were all walking out the door. They looked precious!

Just so we look like we have it together on Sunday mornings... getting everyone ready in as organized a manner as possible.

I take all my fashion tips from her. 

 If you insist on touching the skirt, the tías may just make you wear it.

Our motley crew ready for church! What you don't see if the trufi full of big kids who also went with Savannah (she was already taking 3 of the kids in the above picture).

After church, we stopped at Wist'upiku to pick up lunch for the us and the tías. I don't mind taking toddlers out to eat, but taking one year olds and babies to restaurants isn't really fun for any of us. The empanadas were delicious!

I've been wanting to make cookies for awhile now, so while the kids were napping, Tía Nilda and I found a recipe and started baking! Unfortunately, we weren't really on top of checking on the cookies and they turned out a little burnt. They were also crunchy too, which isn't my favorite. For someone who doesn't cook, I've had several baking successes here so I guess it was time for a not so good recipe!

This is probably the worst picture of cookies ever, but it's the only one I have. We attempted shaped them into stars before baking, but that was obviously a failure, too, because none of them came out of the oven looking like a star!

I spent the rest of the day helping out with the kids. Although Sunday mornings are pretty rushed, Sunday afternoons and evenings are usually a bit more slow. All of the days are pretty much the same as far as the schedule/routine goes, but the atmosphere does feel a bit different on the weekends, and I enjoy the change of pace!

Ready for bed after a fun day! Please take note of the princess and cupcake pajamas on the boys... like I've said before, our kids are so stylish.


Savannah said...

my sunday morning is going to be so boring compared to last wk!! miss you and all our stylin babies!!

Hannah said...

Our morning was pretty boring this week too! It's Pedestrian Day so no church... and the tías took the kids home with them for the weekend, so it was just Lindsey and I with Michel, Edson, and Ruth at home. Oh! and Fernanda went with her parents on Friday! At least she was supposed to... I wasn't home that afternoon and everyone had already left by the time I got home so I'm assuming she did.