Friday, August 23, 2013


We have several adoptions very close to being completed, and one of our spunky two years olds, F., should be leaving us any day now. As a farewell to her, her new parents threw a "Despedida" (basically a going-away party) and invited all of Casa de Amor's kids! 

It was quite the event and made for a very fun afternoon! There were balloons (I think every child received at least 5 balloon swords!), games, prizes, and lots of food! It also happened to be A.'s 10th birthday and volunteer Lindsey's birthday, so we had a lot to celebrate! 

After several hours of fun, we loaded up and headed home. Some of the babies were so tired that they slept in the trufi on the way home. All slept great last night!

They couldn't make balloon swords fast enough! 

 He fought with the wrong end of his sword!

She wants to be a tía so badly! 

 The life of the party enjoying a rousing round of Musical Chairs!

One of my favorite 3 year olds :) 

Who is going to win?! 

Another one of our soon-to-be-adopted two year olds!

Our big kids looked SO cute in their new clothes!

We'll miss you, F.!

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Denise said...

fun times! looks like the balloons were a big hit! Thanks for blogging Hannah!