Thursday, August 1, 2013

Callie´s Visit- Days 2-4

Callie was a great sport and followed me around to all of my different shifts. I work 7-9am at the baby home, and even though I told her she didn´t have to get up at 7am with me, she did! She kept the one year olds entertained while I hung out with the toddlers.

She then went with me to my Spanish class on Tuesday. Although she doesn´t speak Spanish, she caught on quickly! By the time she left on Thursday afternoon, she had picked up quite a few commands, and it seemed like she was understanding some more, too.

That afternoon, I had a shift at the girls´ house, so she went with me to pick up Ana Maria from school and then to the girls´ house. On our way to catch a trufi back home, Ana Maria always serenades me with various Christian children´s songs. If people she knows are around, she quickly stops her very enthusiastic singing and dancing... I wasn´t sure if she´d still sing with Callie being unfamiliar to her, but she was happy to oblige my requests! The girls loved having Callie! Dinner took way too long for various reasons, one of them being their need to ask her every question imaginable which I then had to translate. It was fun though! 

On Wednesday, we worked my morning shift together. When that ended, we headed to La Cancha! I´ve only been with other volunteers who know the way, but thanks to Tía Silvia´s excellent trufi directions, we made it there and back! We spent a few hours wandering around the different areas of the market. We weren´t sure if we wanted to head back to the baby home for lunch or brave some street food... but in the end, we decided to brave the street food and bought some salteñas. (It´s like an empanada... filled with some sort of meat (in this case it was beef, but I´ve had chicken too), potatoes, and sauce.) We also bought a bag of Bolivian pastries to share (I wish I could remember the name!), but I didn´t care for them. Callie didn´t mind them, and we gave the left-overs to the tías who were happy to eat them!

We worked another shift at the baby home Wednesday night and took 5 kids to the park after dinner! It was a bit crazy but a lot of fun!

Thursday was a bit different than usual because I went to the men and womens´ jails with Jennifer (another blog post on that later!) and Callie stayed at the baby house for the morning. When I left to pick up Ana Maria from school, she headed to the airport to meet up with her group. 

I wasn´t very good at taking pictures while Callie was here, so most of the pictures I have are from our big Wednesday evening outing to the park!

 Callie and a few of our toddlers ready to head out!

 Callie with M. and K., walking to the park

There are lots of parks within walking distance of the baby home. One is just across the street, but it´s surrounded by a fence that seems to be locked more than it´s unlocked. Unfortunately that night it was locked. By the look on F.´s face, however, I wouldn´t say she was too disappointed to find out we needed to walk a bit farther to another park!

 3 of my girls

Love this picture but love her more!

 Taking part in one of Bolivia´s favorite past-times

Group picture before heading back home!

Callie with Baby S.

 If only you knew how many attempts it took to get this picture!

Thanks for visiting, Callie! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I we did!

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Linda said...

Hannah, Thanks so much for posting about your adventures with Callie! As her mama, it sure made me feel better to know that there would be a familiar face there to greet her and show her around until her group arrived. I will be thinking of you as you continue your ministry there in Bolivia!! And I'll check in on your blog from time to time, too! ;-)