Saturday, August 24, 2013

La Horita Feliz

I've written about La Horita Feliz before, but it's been a bit different the past few weeks because the couple who is actually in charge of it is back in Bolivia after a visit to the States. Now after singing songs as a group, the kids split up into 3 different groups to have their own age-appropriate lesson. There's a class for children ages 1-5 years old, so I force bring my baby home kids to the class. Although you'd think they were totally alone by their screams when I drop them off, several other kids from Casa de Amor are actually in their class.

This past week, I stayed in the room with them for their class. After a brief storytime, the kids get out tables and chairs and color a picture that shows their Bible verse for the week. We had a whole group of Casa de Amor kids this week, so we pulled two tables together and 2 other CDA volunteers and I stayed at their table to assist. What a disaster it was! The kids were crying, wouldn't share crayons and were just generally unhappy about being there (I don't know why because their teacher is really nice, and I know they enjoy the singing!) At one point, I just had to laugh! 

At the end of the class, the teacher apologized to me for having to bring "loquitos" (basically crazy children), although I probably should've been the one apologizing to her!

We're all hoping for a better time next week!

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