Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Viva Bolivia!

6 de Agosto (August 6th) is Bolivia´s Independence Day. We didn´t celebrate at the baby house, but the boys and girls had a big celebration at the boys´ house that night. I can´t take credit for any of the food because I didn´t help cook, but the other volunteers made some delicious pizzas and we also had ice cream sundaes! The kids really enjoyed a day off from school and the celebration! I brought a tagalong from the baby house, and although she was a little shy at first, she quicky warmed up to everyone and enjoyed it as well! 

J. and S. playing on the monkey bars before dinner. When I asked S. if I could take her picture, her response was ¨Yes! And look at me! I can do it with only one arm like the monkey that I am!¨

My baby home tagalong

Playing outside before dinner

Everyone loved the pizza!

I may have forgotten to bring a bib for her... but that extra cloth diaper in my purse worked just fine!

¨Mira tía! Hay víboras en mi helado!¨ (Look tía! There are snakes in my ice cream!)

So silly!

E. and M. enjoying their ice cream sundaes!

D. enjoyed his ice cream sundae, too!

J.K. always makes goofy faces for the camera!

The Boohers came over and brought ¨my¨ baby!

After dinner, the kids toasted marshmallows. This fire was much more successful than our 4th of July fire!

Casa de Amor volunteers :)

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