Thursday, July 4, 2013

Feliz cuatro de julio!

So this year, I had actually forgotten about the 4th of July. On Tuesday, Carlee and I were talking about something, and it suddenly occurred to us that it was almost July 4th. At that point, we didn´t have any plans but decided to throw something together so we could celebrate with the big kids.

We knew we wanted to have some sort of American-type dinner, so we decided on mac n´ cheese. Hamburgers and hot dogs are obviously the perfect 4th of July foods, but hamburgers are a little bit labor intensive for us (well, for me... Carlee and Danyelle enjoy cooking) and after all of our chorizo hotdogs recently, we didn´t want more hot dogs. We also bought marshmallows with the intention of making smores. Smores didn´t quite happen, but we did let the kids toast the marshmallows.

And obviously, what is a 4th of July party without fireworks?! Apparently fireworks are illegal here, but being the wonderful influences that we are, Danyelle and I went out in search of fireworks for the kids... which we found! For being illegal, the vendors certainly aren´t trying to hide them. They´re set up right in the front of shops. We bought sparklers (chispitas) and these little disks that you put on the ground and light. They spin in a circle while emitting sparks. The kids LOVED them. I don´t think a video would upload here, but their reaction was great! They were just as excited for the last one as they were for the first one.

He couldn't get another marshmallow fast enough! He was wanting 4-5 at a time, but that wouldn't have been fair to everyone else!

Every time I looked down, I saw him sweetly holding his stick with the request of "Tía Hannah, me das uno más por favor?"

Me: "I'll give you another marshmallow after you let me take a picture"
Boys: "You owe us at least 10 marshmallows... one for every picture because you took  a lot."

There was a bit of trouble with the fire, but at one point, it looked pretty good! In the wise words of Danyelle, "What happened to 'It Only Takes a Spark...'?"

He was so helpful with the fire!

Macaroni and cheese!

He loved toasting marshmallows!

Crazy for the 4th of July!

Well, I have a lot more pictures but I can't get them to post. I have been having some internet trouble the past few days, and it's pretty slow at the internet cafe too, so these will have to do! Hope y'all had a feliz cuatro de julio too!

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