Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Feliz Cumple!

It´s no secret that I´m not much of a chef. My list of what I can cook is pretty short. The tias are forever telling me that I can learn how to cook, and I´ve told them that when they want to teach me, I´ll be a willing participant.

Bolivians aren´t really into super sweet foods, and my sweet tooth has been suffering here! When I found out that one of the baby home tias was having a birthday this past Monday, I decided that I needed to conquer my fear of the kitchen and make her a birthday cake. 

I think we were all a little nervous to see how the cake was going to turn out! However, it was delicious! So delicious that we (the tias) may have eaten the entire cake in one day...  
 So far so good!

 Out of the oven, and it looks like a real cake!

 My first attempt at baking in Bolivia was a success!

 I really did try to get her to smile... :)

So thankful for all of the tias, but especially this one!

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