Monday, July 1, 2013

Random Pictures

These are some pictures I've taken recently at the Baby Home...

This little lady has spent the night with me a couple times recently! She's the perfect roommate. She'll sleep from 11pm-3am, drink a bottle, and fall back asleep until 7am. 

 She's also spent the night with me a couple of times! She's not so easy though... she wakes up constantly!

The tías reaction to seeing P. standing on his high-chair: "Where's your camera?! Hurry and go get it! You need a picture of this!" 
*Disclaimer: The tías were standing right next to him while waiting on me to get my camera and while I was taking the picture :)

 Ready for church in appearance and attitude!

Ready for church in appearance... in attitude, not so much!

 Buen día!

There's a ghost at the Baby Home!

I like to bring helpers along when I go grocery shopping. 

Out to lunch!

Love her! 

 Helping doblar the trapitos!

The kids love helping fold clothes!

Las pequeñas
Bottom: Baby A. (3 months)
Middle: Baby S. (4 months)
Top: Baby V. (4 months)


Denise said...

Love your blog Hannah! Thanks for sharing all the pictures! I sure do miss living at the Baby Home!

Child Sponsorship Coordinator

Jennifer Beaty (Thompson) said...

I loved seeing the pictures, too!! They will grow so much in 6 weeks!

Just wanted to say thanks for taking the babies out so much, it really helps in their development.

Anonymous said...

HANNAH! This is Kim, Eric and I were volunteering at the baby home in July! I am so happy I found your blog! Can you please send me an email:, I really want to talk to you, we had to leave Bolivia extremely suddenly because our illness :( It broke my heart to not say goodbye. I have so much to tell you and so many questions about the kids, please email me as soon as you can! Thank you!