Saturday, July 20, 2013

Busy Afternoon!

Saturdays always go by so fast! I don´t technically have a Saturday shift, so although I usually end up working part of the day, it´s nice to be able to sleep in a bit and do whatever I want when I wake up.

We don´t eat a lot in the way of desserts or sweets here, and my sweet tooth is suffering! I don´t cook... like ever... but ever since making Tia Yovana´s cake, I´ve been craving sweets. Last night, I found a recipe for cream cheese chocolate chip cookies and it seemed easy enough, so I decided to give it a go this afternoon.

I go to the grocery store way too frequently for someone who doesn´t cook, but I needed to buy a few of the ingredients. The store is really close to the baby home, so it´s pretty easy to bring a baby or two with me. This morning it was Ruth´s turn for an outing! Her behavior, as expected, was fabulous! We arrived home just in time for lunch, and after lunch, I got to work on baking.

I had a cookie baking assitant, but I think it proved to be too much work for her!

 The cookies didn´t look so nice and were pretty flat when they came out of the oven, but the taste made up for it! 

Every Saturday afternoon at the Boohers´house, there is a program called ¨La Horita Feliz¨ (¨Happy Hour¨). It´s basically like a big Sunday school class. The older boys and girls from Casa de Amor attend and so do many other kids from the neighborhood. The past few weeks, I´ve brought one or two kids from the baby home. La Horita Feliz is really a little above their level, but it´s always nice to get them out of the house. I take the kids out of the house with me a lot, but other than La Horita Feliz, they never get to go to places with other kids. That´s one of the reasons why I really like taking them there. It´s taken a bit of time for them to warm up to the program, but once it gets going, they seem to really enjoy it... especially the music! I really like all of the Spanish children´s church songs, too!

Although it was tempting to take F. to La Horita Feliz with that hairstyle, I did fix her hair before leaving the house!

 I had planned on taking the toddlers with me, but my favorite baby, Baby A., was a last minute addition to our outing!

La Horita Feliz takes place during dinner at the baby home, so I usually ask the tias to save some food for the kids who go with me. Tonight we went out to eat, after dropping off the baby back at home. The girls did great!

 M., on the left, was just giddy the whole time! She had a huge smile and said ¨Mmmm¨after every. single. bite. The little girl on the right, F., was pretty excited too and also had a great big smile while eating!

I am SO proud of these two, but especially this one! She used to hate leaving the house, but now she loves to be on the go. While getting ready to leave, she tells everyone ¨Chau!¨and while walking down the street, she tells everyone she passes ¨Hola!¨ It´s quite a change from the screaming and crying she used to do!

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Denise said...

How wonderful Hannah! I love how much love you show our kiddos!

Your cookies are probably flat because of the altitude. Everything has to be tweaked because Cocha is so high up :( I'm glad they still tasted good :)

Thanks for blogging so much!

Child Sponsorship Coordinator