Sunday, July 14, 2013

Cristo de la Concordia

What a day it has been! The older kids have been on winter break from school the past two weeks, so Carlee and Danyelle have planned activities for them every day. With Sunday being the last day of the break, they wanted to plan something extra fun... and since we all agree it´s important to get the kids out and about to see their city... so we visited the Cristo de la Concordia!

Carlee and Danyelle have both been before, and I think several of the kids have also visited the Cristo in the past, but it was my first time. The Cristo can be seen from all parts of the city, so I was really excited to be able to visit.

We ended up taking the four oldest boys and the four oldest girls. We had to wait in line for hours before going up to the Cristo, but there was a huge park where the kids could play while we waited in line. Bringing the older kids was great because we didn´t have to worry about them wandering off while they were playing. We did constant head counts, but there was no reason to worry; the kids behaved well during our outing!

For some reason, our big group was separated before getting in the cable cars to go up. I ended up in a cable car with one of the other volunteers, and S., one of the girls. When we got up to the Cristo, we couldn´t find the other kids or Carlee and Danyelle anywhere! We assumed they went up inside the Cristo, so that´s what we did. However, when we made it up, we never saw them. There´s only one way up and one way down, so had they been inside, we would´ve had to pass them. Well, it turns out, they didn´t realize you could go inside, so they were waiting for us at a little restaurant at the bottom of the Cristo. I´m so happy we were able to go up! There were lots of little spiral staircases, and at each landing, there are holes in the wall where you can look out and see the city. The views are incredible! I think S. really enjoyed being able to go inside the Cristo, as well. It was pretty dark and the staircases were really narrow, but she did great!

The other kids didn´t realize what they missed out on, and they seemed to enjoy their visit just as much!

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