Monday, July 22, 2013

Chau for Now!

Today was moving day for this brother and sister! S. and Baby A. moved in to House 4 with the Boohers. It´s a great move for both of them, and I´m excited to see the progress they´ll make in a smaller, family environment. 

It´s pretty well-known among the tías that Baby A. is my favorite, and several of them tell me she´s my ¨hijita¨ (daughter). She´s a really easy baby, and she was a great one to take on errands with me. She spent many nights in my room, too, so I was especially sad to see her go. However, if she does have to leave, I´m happy she´s going with the Boohers. They are an amazing family, and I´ll still get to visit!

S. usually cried screamed at the mere sight of me. However, today he was pretty happy with me and although he´s pretty serious in this picture, he smiled quite a bit this morning!

 We were all sad to see Baby A. go!

I think the Boohers may have a better version of this picture, but this one will have to do for now. I couldn´t let them leave without first getting a picture of all of us together!

 S. and Baby A. with Tío Rudi and Tía Carla Booher

 We took some of the toddlers out into the street to see them off!

The feeling in the house is so different with two gone. Throughout the day we´ve all commented on how they´re ¨missing.¨ I went into the little babies´ room tonight, and it was weird to see Baby A.´s empty crib.

We´ll miss these two, that´s for sure!

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