Saturday, June 29, 2013

Simon Patiño's House in the Campo (Villa Albina)

Simon Patiño, a native of Cochabamba, become well-known after finding one of the greatest tin mining deposits ever found in Bolivia. After several years, his mine became one of the most important in the country. After earning his wealth from the mining industry, he did use some of the money for other projects, such as founding his own bank, marketing his own ore, and opening foundries, as well as investing in ore deposits in other countries. 

He eventually left Bolivia to live in Europe with this family. However, on a trip back to Bolivia, he suffered a heat attack that made it impossible to return to Europe. He eventually settled in Argentina where he later passed away.

Patiño has two houses in Cochabamba. One of the houses is in the city, and I haven't visited that house yet. I'm hoping to go before I leave, though. This past weekend, the other volunteers and I, along with Tía Adela from the boys' home, visited Simon Patiño's house in the country, known as Villa Albina. 

It was in the country but it wasn't that far out. The house is on a lot of land, and the gardens are really pretty. The house was nice, too. We were able to have a tour (in Spanish... the tour at the "city house" is in English), but only the rooms on the first floor are open to tourists. The bedrooms are located on the second floor, and from what I understood, they aren't open to tourists because some of his great-grandchildren come to visit the house and like to stay in the rooms when they are here. 

This isn't really the best picture of the house. The color is actually a very pretty light blue.

The view when you enter the house. There's a courtyard, and all of the rooms surround it. 

 We loved the gazebo... all you need is a canoe and some romantic music!

Me, Carlee, and Tía Adela

There are so many pretty flowers!

How adorable are the llama topiaries?!

That's Mt. Tunari in the background

Danyelle, me, Carlee, Tía Adela

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