Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Playing Outside

I took these one morning while at the Baby Home. Although it is winter here, the weather has been pretty mild. It's definitely cold at night, but warm during the day. 

While the babies and younger kids nap, the toddlers get to enjoy some time outdoors! They love swinging and riding on their motos. I will say though, I think the tías may enjoy riding on the motos more than the kids do... I'll have to get a picture of them one day soon!

 If they could talk, I think they'd say, "The higher the better!"

 Plotting her escape!

 They can make laps around the house faster than you'd think!

She's recruited other escapees! 

He actually preferred to just sit on his moto... until Tía Lucy took him for a spin and he thought that was pretty fun!

Skipping her nap because playing outside is way better!

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