Monday, June 3, 2013

First Sunday in Cochabamba

I´m a day behind in posting this! Yesterday morning, Danyelle and I went to Cochabamba International Church. It is made up of many missionary families and some Bolivians. Most of the music is sung in English and Spanish, and the sermon is in English. We brought babies A and S with us. So many people came up to us to see the girls and tell us how cute they are (as if we didn´t already know that!). Baby A is 2 months old and Baby S is 3 months old, so we figured they would probably be pretty good. They either slept or ate the whole time, and neither made a sound! I´d like to take some of the toddlers another week, but I´m sure it wouldn´t be as calm!

On the trufi and then walking down the street with the girls, lots of people were looking at us... I wonder what they were thinking seeing two American girls with 2 very Bolivian babies!

The afternoon was pretty easy. It was naptime when we got back home, so everyone was (supposed to be) sleeping. I stayed in the babies´ room awhile, and it was pretty loud in the other rooms. After hearing a crash and then crying, I went into one of the rooms and all of the kids were out of their cribs. Some were in other kids´ cribs and others were wandering around the room. The crash was one of the kids falling out of a crib... he was okay though! One of the tias came in to check on him too and she got them settled back down. They slept much later than, probably because it took them so much longer to fall asleep.

It was Danyelle´s birthday, so that night, we went with all of the girls to celebrate her birthday! We went to a restaurant called Eli´s. We had pizza and ice cream. They have a little play area in the back, so the girls loved playing there! They had so much fun! I took a lot of pictures of them, but I´m not sure if I´ll be able to post them or not (still don´t have a way to charge my computer, but I am posting this at an internet cafe so it may be possible!). Tia Anita, Jennifer and Jake, and Carlee came also, so we had a pretty big group!

Danyelle, the driver, drove us there in Casa de Amor´s van, and then she dropped me off at the baby home on our way home. It was nice not having to take a trufi or taxi!

When I got home, the tias wanted to see the pictures I had taken. I think they liked seeing the pictures of all the girls (many of them lived at the baby home before moving to their current house), and they said it looked like it was a fun evening!

 Baby A dressed up for church! I didn´t get a picture of Baby S.

 A.M. had a little too much fun drying her hands at the restaurant!

 I told her she could play after she smiled for a picture!

 Little J and I! I think she enjoyed playing, but I´m sure it was very overwhelming for her.

 Little J and I on the see-saw! Now that was a leg workout...

 A.M. and O loved sliding together!

 I think this is the only picture I got of S. actually smiling!

 J wanted her picture taken in all of the shapes on the playset!

 Feliz cumple Tia Danyelle!

S helping feed J her ice cream... I think she wants to be a tia, too!

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LaToya Thomas said...

Love the pictures Ms. Hannah the kids are so pretty and precious!