Friday, June 14, 2013

What Day is It?

This week has been a bit crazy, and it's been hard to remember what day it is and where I'm supposed to be sleeping each night... so I'll probably space it out over several blog posts!

On Monday, I worked the early morning shift at the baby home and a late afternoon shift. My Spanish has improved a lot and I have figured out the daily routine, so it is getting much easier to work with everyone. 

After dinner, it was play time! Some of the kids get pretty fussy around 6pm, but they were all pretty awake that day. I took some cute pictures of the kids, and a few videos too. I'll try to upload videos, but I'm not sure that I will be able to do that.

 Someone didn't want to take a nap! She'd rather help the tías fold all of her cloth diapers (essentially 2 blankets folded in a certain way).

Ready for our close-ups!

 He can dish it out but can't take it!

 Their babies needed their hair combed, too.

 Baby A.

Baby S.~ How cute is her little hand holding her bottle?!

Baby V.

That afternoon, several of the tías noticed that I had taken off my nail polish, and one of them asked if that night, we could paint our nails together. I was planning on repainting mine, but we ended up having a little nail painting party later that night. It was fun! We were able to talk a lot about our families and just random stuff... They both speak Quechua at home, so they tried to teach me some Quechua words. They tried to teach me how to introduce myself and to name the body parts, but I can only remember the words for hand and foot. I told them I need to learn Spanish before learning Quechua because they were trying to teach me Quechua using Spanish... a little confusing! At some point, I was asked if I wanted to sleep upstairs with them (2 tías always work the night shift at the baby home/1 tía works the night shift with the boys and girls), and before I could even answer, a matress and a pile of blankets was set up for me... so I slept upstairs. I was sure I wouldn't get any sleep, but it wasn't so bad. Babies cried a few times, and I did wake up a lot, but I think they made it a super easy night for me so I'll offer to do it some more! I did get up once with a baby, and one of the tías immediately took her from me and said "Go back to sleep!" In the morning, they brought me a plate of brownies and a cup of hot chocolate for breakfast... obviously it was delicious!

 Modeling their manicures and pedicures

Love those smiles!

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