Sunday, June 23, 2013

Día de San Juan

Día de San Juan is actually celebrated on Monday, June 24th, but here at Casa de Amor, we celebrated with the big kids on Sunday night. The boys' house is the ideal place for celebrating. The house is pretty big and there's a massive backyard. As soon as the girls arrived, the party started! 

Tío David (CDA Administrator) and his wife, Tía Rosa (CDA Social Worker), brought all of the food for our celebration. There was chorizo galore! At some point, the kids were challenged to see who could eat 5 chorizo (basically hot dogs). I don't know who won that challenge, but we passed out chorizo until it was all gone, and most of the kids seemed to eat at least 3 or 4. Hopefully no one got sick later that night! 

El jefe de la policía locking up a pleading Tía Danyella while his loyal employee stands guard.

"Arriba las manos!"

 More policemen?!

Some of the partiers!

 Not sure if that is chorizo number 4 or 5...

The other half of the partiers! 


 Can you tell this picture was my idea?! They wanted to take a picture with my camera, not be in one!

Love J.'s big smile!

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