Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Babysitting... if you want to call it that!

This past week, Rudi and Carla Booher, the parents of the Booher family who run Casa de Amor 4, had to travel back to the States for some family business. While they are gone, their 6 kids plus their 4 Casa de Amor kids have stayed at home in Bolivia. 

Carlee, Danyelle, and I have spent the last week taking turns "babysitting" all of the kids. I use that term lightly because Emily and Myles (the Boohers' 2 oldest kids) have pretty much kept things running at home. Tía Techy stays with them during the day, and we stay with them at night. I've spent 3 nights there so far and have one more night to go. It's been a lot of fun! The kids have been really well behaved, so they have made it easy for us!

I've taken a few pictures so hopefully Blogger won't take too long to upload them!

Making silly faces for the camera!

Or maybe just sweet ones! 

*Cross your fingers* it's our only injury of the week... Ruth had a bad bike crash that landed her at the hospital in need of stitches. She's on the mend and seems to be doing well! 

 I had a tagalong from the baby house for dinner on Saturday night. This little girl, M., is not a fan of leaving the house, so I'm slowly easing her into visiting new places. She was NOT happy to be at the Boohers' house, but she would sit by herself long enough to enjoy her Tampico Float! (Root beer floats for the rest of us)

Tampico Float moustache!

 A., one of the Boohers' Casa de Amor kids!

 So excited for these two! This week, twins K. and A., will leave the Boohers' house to go to their adoptive family! The Mitchells, who are adopting the girls, cared for them through Casa de Amor from the time they were 11 months old until this past November, when they moved in with the Boohers. Luckily for us, the Mitchells still live in Bolivia and we go to church together, so we'll keep in touch!

K.'s beauty shop!

 The first night I spent at the Boohers, there were some intense tic-tac-toe games. Paula and I played each other, and she won!

Clara is knitting a scarf for Paula. She's almost finished, and it looks great!

L., the Casa de Amor baby of the Booher family! He is SO sweet!

 Paula is the youngest of the Boohers' children. She speaks a random mix of Spanish and English, so it's funny to listen to her talk! She is so used to speaking Spanish that she uses it quite a bit when talking to me... I think she may speak more Spanish than I do!

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