Friday, June 7, 2013

Wednesday afternoon, Thursday and Friday

Wednesday afternoon, I decided to attempt another trufi ride to Hipermaxi, a big supermarket in Cochabamba. It´s on a main road so I knew I wouldn´t miss it when it was time to get off. It´s like an American grocery store. They have a lot of American brands and a section labeled ¨American Food.¨ I bought a few things to eat on days when I get back home and it´s too late for lunch. There were a lot of easy-to-fix foods but most of them required a microwave, which we don´t have. 

After dropping my stuff off at home, I went to the girls´house for a few hours. I like being able to eat dinner with them because if I eat dinner at the baby home, it´s at 4pm, so by about 9pm, I´m starving. The girls eat a bigger meal and also eat later. We had noodles, potatoes, and chicken liver. Yes, chicken liver! Had I not been told what it was prior to eating it, I probably would´ve thought it was some sort of beef which would´ve surprised me a little because we don´t seem to eat much meat here. It wasn´t the worst food I´ve tried... I just didn´t like thinking about what it was as I was eating it. The girls weren´t huge fans of it either. They ate SO slowly and several actually got in trouble for how slowly they were eating. After over an hour, all of their plates were empty... I had another interesting taxi ride home! Tia Roxana called a taxi company for me, and when the taxi arrived, she went outside to tell him where to take me and to ask how much it would cost. On the way home, he was super chatty and started begging me to teach him English. I acted like I wasn´t really understanding what he wanted, but he was asking for a one-hour a day English lesson. No thanks.

Thursday morning I had a 7-9am shift with the babies. I´ve got to start going to bed earlier. 7am comes too quickly! The kids are all awake by 7am so the shift mainly involves entertaining them for the hour before the tias change shifts. 

The toddlers played outside after breakfast, and after awhile, I let a few of them come into my room with me. That quickly turned into all of them coming in! My already messy room really looked awful after that! I finally sat all of them on my bed with books, and we had story time! The tias seemed concerened that they were making such a mess, but after assuring them that it was okay and I didn´t mind watching them, they were happy to have a break from the kids for a little while. 

I haven´t been super adventurous with local restaurants yet, but Danyelle and I went to one for dinner last night. There´s a chicken factory next to the baby home and several restaurants that sell chicken. It was really good! The chicken came with rice, noodles, and french fries. It was a very starch-y meal!

We went back to the girls´home after eating and they had an early dinner. Several didn´t have school because it was the ¨Day of the Teacher.¨(They have so many holidays/celebrations here!) We watched a movie together after dinner, and they girls loved it! There is a tv at the girls´house, but I don´t think they watch it much so it was a special treat. 

Now it´s Friday and I´ll be working at the baby home all day. I had another early morning shift and I have a 4-8pm shift. I´m trying out the new baby sling with Baby V. (Thank you Danyelle!) while at the internet cafe. Everyone on the street has been staring at me, but Baby V. loves it so that´s all that matters! She smiled the whole way here and promptly fell asleep when I sat down. We´re going back to the supermarket later, and we´ll try it with another baby then too.

 Story time!

 F. and M. reading together

 Dios es bueno ¡todo el tiempo! (God is good all the time!)

 Buenas noches chicos!

 R. was mad that she wasn´t allowed to look at her own book after throwing it onto the floor!

 M. also had to share a book after throwing hers onto the floor.

 Baby V. waiting patiently for me to figure out the baby sling!

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Alexa said...

I stumbled across your blog today, and I just wanted to say that I love it! I visited the baby home just for a day when I was in Cochabamba this summer (it was actually the same day as these pictures were taken!), and I just fell in love with the children. F. especially. She holds a very special place in my heart. I was so glad to see that she finally got her family! Thank you so much for writing these posts. I have read through every one, and they just spill out sunshine :)