Saturday, June 15, 2013

Fun with the Girls at Casa 3!

Tuesday and Thursday evenings, I will be working at the girls' house. Normally, I will be picking up Ana Maria from school and then when I take her home, I'll stay until bedtime. This past week, I spent the night both nights, and it's always fun spending time with the girls!

Tuesday night, I took 4 of the girls who were finished with their homework and who had good behavior to the park. It was just a short walk away from the house. There was a super tall slide, monkey bars, see-saws, swings, and a ride-on toy that you can spin around. The girls had so much fun and didn't want to leave!

I also spent the night there on Thursday, but we didn't go on any outings... just stayed at home because the girls had a lot of homework. Two of them were up until 10:30pm working on homework... falling asleep while doing their work. One of the girls was doing multi-digit multiplication, and she kept getting the wrong answers. I was doing the same problems on the board next to her so I could check her work, and she was pretty unhappy that our answers weren't the same. She was also sure that I had the incorrect answers. At one point, she told me "That may be how you do multiplication in your country, but it's not how we do it in Bolivia because it is wrong!"

Also, can I just say how different it is getting 7 girls ready for school as opposed to getting 16 babies/toddlers ready for the day?! Seriously, it's much harder getting 7 ready for school than it is to get 16 babies ready. These girls need a lot of encouragement to get moving in the mornings, and making sure everyone has a uniform, teeth brushed, hair combed and fixed (make sure you use enough water that it looks like they just got out of the shower and it's plastered to their heads), and breakfast ready on time is hard! They do make it out of the door on time though, so that must count for something!

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